General Assembly/International Toilet Culture Conference

World Toilet Association goes around the member country and holds Board of Directors Meeting every year, General Assembly every two years. Government Officials, Academic Researchers, Industrial Workers and others including WTA members who are interested in global toilet issues gather to discuss toilet-related issues.
The International Toilet Culture Conference will be held as an additional event, which will be held with each sub-theme depending on the host country. In the conference, experts from around the world will make a presentation about the pending issues to achieve UN SDG6, water and sanitation. Next generation toilet technology products which include water conservation technology are exhibited in conference hall. In addition, WTA operates technical tours so that you can experience advanced toilet technology or problems of the toilet.

  • World Toilet General Assembly & WTA BOD Meeting
  • International Toilet Culture Conference
  • Technical Tour
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The 6th International Toilet Culture Conference

○ Date : 10:00-18:00, June 13th(Thu.), 2019
Exhibition - 10:00-17:00 6. 13th-15th (3 days)
○ Venue : 3FL, Convention Hall 3, Suwon Convention Center
Exhibition - 1FL. Exhibition Hall, Suwon Convention Center
○ Participants: 420 Participants from 18 Countries

The 6th International Toilet Culture Conference

The International Toilet Culture Conference was concurrently held with the 6th World Toilet Leaders Forum and the 1st Suwon International Sewage Treatment & Toilet Show. There were 2 Keynote speech and 6 special lectures regarding WASH; Water Resources and Sanitation; Our Toilet is an Essential Part of a Recycling Society; Water, Sanitation and Hygiene: Comprehensive Approach to Better Health; Feces Standard Money(fSM) beyond Sharing; Self-Sustaining Resource Circulated Sanitation; Future Toilet Design and Product Trend; Getting Balance Right –IFRC’s Water, Sanitation And Hygiene; and The Standard of Public Toilet Installation and Operation. Speakers on all subjects received good assessment for a wide variety of contents, and a structured lecture.